There are 7.9 billion people on Earth. Every single one of us has a duty to send NUDES to one another. The clock is ticking…
The NUDES token was minted by smart contract on the Neo N3 blockchain. You can receive, hold, and send NUDES from any Neo N3 wallet: NeoLine, O3, and NEON.

Send Nudes

Ask not what NUDES can do for you, but what you can do for NUDES.
The purpose of having NUDES, is to send them. All human beings deserve to send NUDES, thus all human beings deserve to receive NUDES.
Every time you send at least 100 NUDES to a wallet, you will receive 1,000 NUDES. If the wallet you send NUDES to is brand-new with 0 NUDES, you will receive 100,000 NUDES.
Additionally, every time you send 0.069 GAS to someone so they can get started with sending their own NUDES on Neo N3, you will also receive 1,000,000 NUDES. To receive the 1,000,000 NUDES, the address you send the 0.069 GAS to must have 0 GAS when you send it.

Receive Nudes

In order to send NUDES, we must first receive NUDES. If you want to send NUDES but don’t have any to send, you can interact with the NudeFaucet on or on the NUDESARMY Discord.

On the Website

If you don’t have NUDES and want some, just interact with the NUDES-sending bot at to receive NUDES. Be nice to her!

On the Discord NudeFaucet

If you don’t have NUDES and want them, type !needNudes . Once it is verified that you need NUDES, a message is sent to the NudeFaucet on the NUDESARMY Discord. Other users can see this message in the NudeFaucet and send NUDES to those who need NUDES. Then the users who send NUDES to those in need will also receive NUDES. It’s a beautiful thing.

Nudes Games

Nudes Games will start small and build into much bigger games over time. To start, Nudes Games will include play-to-earn MiniGames such as a web-based coin-flipping game, lottery, dice, and more. Games will start smaller as a proof of concept, and become more robust over time to include a Metaverse NUDES CITY game and a downloadable multiplayer role playing game.